Thursday, January 14, 2010

Hospice And What They Will Not Tell You

What Hospice and sometimes your OWN relatives, will not tell you, when signing your love one into Hospice. My mom, passed away, in 2009, her death was hastened while in the care of (Vitas-HOSPICE) (Pembroke Pines Florida).

Unfortunately, animals have much louder Advocates for inhumane treatment against them (although they’re not human). Why is the abuse of animals a much more sensitive issue in America, and more important then inhuman, treatment of real human beings. Specifically the Terminal, the Sick and the Elderly?

These groups of people are targeted and funneled into Hospice (the silent killer) to cut Medicare cost.

The public has a right to know the truth about the (silent) practices used by the Hospice Organizations working in and through, our Hospitals, and Nursing Homes working in conjunction with Medicare.

Medicare’s sole agenda is to cut cost by any means necessary. Medicare’s idea of cutting cost is referring your love ones (the elderly, the terminal, and sick) to Hospice. Where the patient supply of medication is cut off. All except the morphine/methadone used to administer a quiet, rapid exit into eternity (someone is saving on their water bill as well because they are dehydrating their patients and not turning to the I.V drip).

Medicare’s idea of cutting cost is to withhold administering medication to the feeble (including blood thinners which prevent blood clotting for non mobile patients), diabetes medication is withheld, cholesterol, and high blood pressure meds are withheld too.

This is Medicare’s idea of cutting cost – writing addictive prescriptions, over medicate you, and then abruptly drop you from the excessive synthetic drugs; they hooked your body on. Then down the line tell you, they can not longer do anything else for you. By now your visits to the emergency room and hospital are so frequent (from the side effects of lifetime synthetic drugs) you know the staff including security. Occasionally you may get a nurse who will actually sympathize with you.

Written by-

Ron Panzer (President of Hospice Patient Alliance)

“Because of the savings hospice care can net the federal government through Medicare, Panzer believes the government doesn't want to hear any bad news about the industry—even news of murder. It would tarnish the image, turn people away who would otherwise use the industry for their relatives—maybe even make some stock prices tumble. It's also easy to falsify patient records—to make it look as though every effort was made to manage their pain for as long as they needed to die naturally, as the government requires hospices to do under the per-diem payment basis (for every day a patient is enrolled, not for each service rendered)—even if those efforts weren't made”.

Hospice is an old war and I knew NOTHING about it. Yet many still do not know of this silent killer. Most of us learn, by happenstance, which is far too late.

We are left ignorant on purpose, in areas that have caused great impairment to us all. Why are we are not informed on medical healthcare decisions such as the Medicare-Hospice agenda toward the elderly? We have blurred the boundary lines pertaining to our laws and have stumbled over into homicide.

However, when we find an abused animal, we report it, and you will hear of it all over the media and on the talk shows. Everyday these rouge organizations administer an acute level of morphine intoxication to a vulnerable human being that leads to the cause of their death. The coroners know this, I dug-up reports online. But it is rare to hear of these findings on the News or the Talk Shows. In stead you hear about inhuman dog fights and groups of animals let by their owners to starve to death.

Well that’s what’s happening in these rogue Hospice Organizations. Their relatives (owners) have left them or has been convinced by hospice and their Doctor’s to withhold water (dehydrate) and starve them to death too, with a shot of morphine on the side finish the job. The first thing they tell you is to not give them water. How can anyone sit for hours next to their love one (who is able to swallow and absorb and not give them water) because the nurse and the Doctor’s advice you not too. Is it because the staff do not expect anyone to stay for hours or even days, so it’s easy to deteriorate a person through DEHYDRATION.

Perhaps, we desire to advocate for animals because they can not speak for themselves? A severely dehydrated, medicated human being can not communicate verbally either! So, where is the sympathy? Or is it because we’ve discovered we need to be loved too, and an animal is the least expensive and least troublesome of the two choices. Perhaps it is because we can put an animal down, as the animal, (just like a vulnerable human being) is unable to communicate verbally- neither has no say so in the matter.

Have we become delusional? You cannot substitute an animal for a human being. A delusion comes to distract us from the truth and if repeated enough times others will believe the delusion also, and repeat it. A reprobate mind.

Why is there not a voice that will dissect, uncover and unveil what is happened REALLY happening, right here in America. Everyday and every night bodies are FORCED into eternity, right under our noise thorough dehydration and acute morphine intoxication, and starved to death intentionally in other words, calculated homicide, a medical kill, homicide. You will find several articles on the Topic INCLUDING "The Side Effects of Morphine." Please look it up!!

The Institution of Hospice has grown away from its original purpose, taking on a dark agenda, devouring the terminally ill and feeding off the vulnerable, the sick and the elderly by any means necessary. Including seductive kick-backs for hospice referrals. Even the nursing homes receive kick-backs and bonuses for Hospice referrals.

I am reminded of the old Charleston Heston movie, entitled Solent Green- where the elderly were carted off in secrecy, never to return again targeted to be used as a food substitute in the famine. However, no one knew the true ingredients or the source of their daily food rations (they were literally feeding off the elderly).

At least now we are cognizant of dishonorable Doctors who’ve greased their palms while lining the pockets of Pharmaceutical Companies for years. For years they have over medicating us with extensive (lifetime) prescriptions, addictive substances, kick-backs and incorporating excessive branding as a part-time side job in their practice.

It use to be hard to embrace the thought that your Physician would write a prescription with the intent of padding his or her own pocket. A shocking thought to digest in the pass but now there is wanton corruption of all sorts of body trafficking that is still not front page news but should be.